Assessment, Evaluation, Measurement, & Testing Resources

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Brown, J. D. (2003). Creating a Complete Language-Testing Program. In Christine A. Coombe & Nancy J. Hubley (Eds.), Assessment Practices, pp. 9-23 (Alexandria, VA: TESOL). Retrieved October 16, 2006, from

Stoynoff, Stephen, and Chapelle, Carol A. (Eds.). (2005). Understanding Language Tests and Testing Practices. In ESOL Tests and Testing, pp. 1-23 (Alexandria, VA: TESOL). Retrieved October 16, 2006, from


Formative Assessment

Rubrics and Rubric Generators

Survey Tools

  • The list of survey tools here at present reflects only indications of what associates use, rather than recommendations of any kind. Please feel free to explore them at your own expense and risk. Brief, un-biased reviews are welcome. So are further pointers and suggestions.


Custom Poll Builder for Bloggers (2007.07.24)
  • Produces scripts that you can use just about anywhere (Blogger & Vox, at least);
  • Offers advanced options such as preventing redundant votes from:
    • single IP addresses - may defeat use from computer labs!
    • single computers - depends on cookies set on users' computers
  • In order to embed scripts in Blogger posts, you must:
    • Use Edit HTML mode;
    • Insert embedding tags immediately preceding and following the script:
      • That is, "embed" between angle brackets before; and
      • "/embed" between angle brackets afterwards; AND
    • Publish without previewing or switching to Compose mode.


  • Produces output in a variety of formats, including HTML forms that you can you use in Blogger posts




  • We derived this list of websites from Allen (2002), and have begun to update and extend it recently (2006). Additional pointers are always welcome.

ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines
[Originally published as: American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages. 1983. ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines. Revised 1985. Hastings-on-Hudson, NY: ACTFL Materials Center.]

Association of Language Testers in Europe: Framework & Can-do indexes

Center for Canadian Language Benchmarks

Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe's Web Guide!: Quizzes

Internet TESL Journal's Self-Study Quizzes

JALT Testing and Evaluation Special Interest Group website

LTEST-L Archives
Penn State archives for Language Testing Research and Practice

Penn State (2006). Information Sciences and Technology 110: Discussion Activity Directions.
Example assessment schemes for blog-based submittals in discussion activities: organization, subject coverage and completion.

Rasch Measurements [timed out (2006.10.16)]

Resources in Language Testing

Standardized Tests

STEP/Eiken Test (English)

STEP/Eiken Test (Japanese)

TESOL Standards and Other Initiatives

TOEFL Home Page

TOEIC (English)

TOEIC (Japanese)