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Recommendations on Richard Byrne's blog:


Google Earth


  • JapanCasting(wiki): Podcasting, Coursecasting, & Web 2.0 Technologies for Research
    • also by Steve McCarty
    • "This wiki contains resources for educators interested in podcasting and language learning and teaching. Although the primary focus is on English Language Teaching (EFL & ESL), it also applies to (and contains examples of) podcasting and MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) teaching and learning." (JapanCasting, About, sidebar, 2007.01.09)

Levine's 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story

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    A powerful, easy to to use video production tool



    Splendid Learning

    • Splended Learning: Podcasting: This is part of a larger site for educators and learners getting ready for Cambridge examinations.
      • The Spended Learning: Podcasting page suggests Google Reader (here's a quick tour) and Netvibes (here's a sample page) as tools to collect and help you keep up to date on your favorite podcasts.
      • Splendid Learning also presents a downloadable tutorial for getting started collecting podcasts with Google Reader (2007.02.08).


    • TeacherTube hosts educational videos, some already available on YouTube (or Goggle Video); it has fewer distractions than YouTube for learners using the site.


    • TokBox - for video chats and video messages, free, registration required
    • "TokBox is similar to SightSpeed. It is a free, hosted service that allows you to record up to a five minute video message. Like SightSpeed, TokBox gives me a hyperlink that I can include in the text of an email message" (Rick Lillie, Learning Times Network, Providing feedback to learners?, 2008.01.21).


    • Ustream
      • "Ustream is easy to share and use – unlike sites such as YouTube, it does not require uploading the video first, which means that your own software is not needed to make it - a webcam or camera with video capability is enough. What you record can be saved and stored in your account after streaming, and it is easy to then export the file to a website or to your content management system" (Volgina & Lau, What they saw at Town Hall, UBC e-Strategy Update, 2008.08.29).


    • Want to try something new? How about VoiceThread?
      • Featuring... lots of easy to use features
        • The downside is the limitations on free accounts, for example:
          • three videos,
          • 75 MB of storage,
          • 30 mins. of videocam recording time, &
          • 25 MB maximum image, document or video file size (About, Pro, 2008.02.25).
        • Except for K-12 educators, Pro accounts cost 29.95 USD per year (About, Pro, 2008.02.25).
        • Still interested? See the previews and tutorials:


    WebTools4u2use (CC 3.0)


    • WebTools4u2use: Audio & Podcasting
      • A whack of info. starting with the basics
        • See snapshot of TOC, with link to original page (2008.05.09) at right


    Tips and tutorials

    Sites and support

    • Nik Peachey's Channel
      • "educational technology and ELT videos (2008.08.11)
    • YouTube Educational GroupInvitation:
      • "For those considering the educational possibilities of video, I'd like to invite you to join the YouTube Educational Group, to discuss pedagogy and to contribute representative movies" (Steve McCarty, [Callsig] Video and MALL opportunities, 2007.03.02).

    See TeacherTube

    For Learners (& Educators)

    Daft Doggy Voice Recording

    DynEd's Podcast(s)

    • ... (Add notes, reviews or testimonials about here.)

    ELT Podcast(s) to study the English language

    • ... (Add notes, reviews or testimonials about here.)

    Listen to English - learn English

    • ... (Add notes, reviews or testimonials about here.)

    Podcasts in English (PIE)

    • PIE claims to be "the top English language learning site for elementary students," yet offers three levels with over a dozen programs each. The "podcasts are free for language learners and teachers, but only members receive the learning English worksheets, vocabulary tasks, webquests and transcripts." Free sample materials are available. Membership, $15.00, gets you all the materials available at present, plus all new materials for three months (2007.04.05).

    Video Comments

    • MobaTalk: Scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2007, to replace MyChingo.
      • "UPDATE: MyChingo will stay as it is. will be a different system/service" (MyChingo , 2008.03.25).

    Video Hosting Sites

    Video Storytelling

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