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Due to an administrative error (mine!) this LTD Project Blog-Related Developments page went completely virtual (I'll endeavor not to carelessly delete any more pages wholesale, I promise). If there is anything that you remember seeing here in the past, and would like to see here again, please point it out or - better yet - put it in!

Fresh Stuff

pab's potpourri
  • Diigo bookmarks (weekly) by Paul Beaufait Aug 5, 2017
    Empathy Vs Sympathy | Psychology Today Comparison of pity, sympathy, empathy, and compassion in terms of increasin...
  • Diigo bookmarks (weekly) by Paul Beaufait Jul 29, 2017
    How many languages are there in the world? | Ethnologue "This is a fragile time: Roughly a third of languages are ...
  • Diigo bookmarks (weekly) by Paul Beaufait Jul 22, 2017
    NCEE | Empowered Educators "_Empowered Educators_ is a landmark, international comparative study of teacher and te...
  • Diigo bookmarks (weekly) by Paul Beaufait Jul 1, 2017
    Book review: Post-admission Language Assessment of University Students "In most cases, results from these types of...
  • Diigo bookmarks (weekly) by Paul Beaufait Jun 24, 2017
    Search | LearnEnglish | British Council Site search for "environment" tags: ...
  • Diigo bookmarks (weekly) by Paul Beaufait Jun 3, 2017
    Professional Identity in an Age of Social Media | Tomorrow's Professor Postings "The more you tell your own story ...
  • Diigo bookmarks (weekly) by Paul Beaufait May 27, 2017
    How to get published in English: Advice from the outgoing Editor-in-Chief - ScienceDirect ...
  • Diigo bookmarks (weekly) by Paul Beaufait May 20, 2017
    How To Create Unique Online Programs In 4 Easy Steps by Elena Mutonono — Online Teacher Summit Elena Mutonon...
  • Diigo bookmarks (weekly) by Paul Beaufait May 13, 2017
    English Writing Tips: Improve your Skills Today - ESL Activities: Saving YOU Time, Guaranteed ...
  • Diigo bookmarks (weekly) by Paul Beaufait Apr 29, 2017
    OECD: PISA well-being infographics Two-part poster of results from PISA survey on students' well-being ...

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