Digital Storytelling

This page comprises previews and links to websites and other resources for learning about, doing, and promoting digital storytelling.

50+ Ways to Tell a Digital Story

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License, Levine's wiki presentation of digital storytelling consists of three fundamental steps, "As Easy as 1-2-3!"
  1. Outlining a story to tell or a concept to present (Outline a Story Idea),
  2. Selecting text, audio, and visual media to include (Find Some Media), and
  3. Picking production tools (Pick a Tool to Tell Your Story).

Alexander & Levine (2008)

Alexander, Bryan; & Levine, Alan. (2008). Web 2.0 storytelling: emergence of a new genre . Educause Review 43(6). Retrieved February 9, 2009, from
  • This article focuses on Definitions and Histories, Priniciples and Practices, 50+ Ways (above), and Applications in Higher Education. It comprises numerous links to other resources.

digistories (PBwiki)

  • "all about creating and sharing digital stories" with computer- and web-based applications (Welcome to digistories..., 2009.02.06)

Digital Storytelling

Helen Barrett's Delicious bookmarks:
  • Lesson plans for digital storytelling
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Digital Storytelling (Authorship 2.0)
  • A collection Marielle started on an Edublog subpage, offering two links (2008.03.24):
    • Center for Digital Storytelling
      • "California-based non-profit 501(c)3 arts organization... [that assists] people of all ages in using the tools of digital media to craft, record, share, and value the stories of individuals and communities, in ways that improve all our lives" (Index1, ¶1, retrieved 2008.08.19)
    • Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
      • University of Houston site offering an overview, goals and objectives, step-by-step instructions, examples, lists of tools, tutorials, research findings, related materials, and a list of partners "to help educators begin to use Digital Storytelling" (Main Directory, retrieved 2008.08.19)
  • Thanks, Marielle, for precipitating this long overdue page development! - ltdproject ltdproject Aug 18, 2008

Digital Storytelling (, from Community Update (2007.11.24)
We would love to hear stories about "digital storytelling" projects you’ve tried in learning situations and how they have been working...."

"In this show, Susan and Dan are joined by Stacy Behmer who shares her experience with digital storytelling (DST) in elementary and middle school classrooms."

Digital Storytelling - Downloadable PDF Files (Langwitches, 2008.07.30)

Digital storytelling finds its place in the classroom (Banaszewski, 2002).
  • After introducing Apple iMovie making tools and techniques, Banaszewski reminds us that "technology was [or is] always secondary to storytelling" endeavors to help students "find voice, confidence, and structure in their writing" (Conclusion, ¶1).

Digitales: The Art of Digital Storytelling

Education for a Digital World (Hirtz and Harper, Eds., 2008): "digital storytelling"
  • Chapter Abstracts (p. x)
  • Emerging technologies in e-learning (Chapter 1, pp. 7, 17)
  • Assessment and evaluation (Chapter 14, p. 240)
  • Tools for online engagement and communication (Chapter 25, pp. 382, 400-405, 407-408)
  • Techno expression (Chapter 26, p. 422)

Exploring New Domains

Learning with Computers Diigo bookmark: "digitalstorytelling"

Sharing Culture with Digital Stories (Scholastic)
  • Teachers' resource and lesson plans

Image Banks

More Technical Tools for the Telling


Celtx (overview)






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