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Link recipes...

... for blog posts or comments
  • Links are "like a bird's nest":
external image htmlurls.jpg (Davis, 2006)

Same window

  • To open and display a web page in the same window
    • Recipe: <a href="InsertURLhere">PutDisplayTextHere</a>
      • You must enclose the URL in quotation marks.
      • Display text may include spaces.

New window

  • To open and display another web page in a new browser window automatically
    • Recipe: <a href="InsertURLhere" target="_blank">PutDisplayTextHere</a>
      • Blogger comments do not allow the "_blank" target.

With an image...

... as a link button
  • To display an image available online, and make clicking on it open and display another web page
    • Recipe: <a href="InsertLinkURLhere"> <img src="InsertImageURLHere" width="n" height="m" alt="PutAlternateTextHere"/></a>
      • Omit width and height for original size.
      • Alternate text will display on mouse-over, or if image is not accessible.

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URL Shortening...

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