This is a page like any other page - ripe for development! The Wikispaces help site has changed considerably since this page began to evolve. For example, it now opens in an overlay that seems to offer no links or targets for use in pointers or return visits (see New Help, below).

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If you need help with something you that cannot find by searching the generic wikispaces help spaces (Basic Help or Complete Index, above), please post a question here. You may find the answer before anyone else does (self-help comes first). If you do, please change your question to a bit of advice, a guideline, or a pointer to the answer that you've found, and add it to the Homegrown Help page.
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New Help

Below is an example of directions I received by mail in response to a query regarding wikitext tags that I'd sought, but not found, by looking through the new help pages (Help button, page overlays), and searching for "notations" but perhaps not "references" on the old Help wiki (Complete index, above) and the Wikispaces blog. I can hardly wait for the new Help content to add a search function (planned, per note at head of Help overlay). - ltdproject ltdproject Feb 15, 2009
  • References

    • "You can find the Help content for references by selecting the Help link, scrolling down and selecting Wikitext, selecting Media, RSS, and Special Tags, and then selecting the 'How do I add references in wikitext?' question." (D. Guskin, personal correspondence, 2009.02.14).
      • Note: The new help content Guskin explains how to locate (2009.02.04, above) reflects content I'd discovered but forgotten on the Wikispaces blog (2008.07.09), even after listing it in Homegrown Help (How-to Inquiries, Resolved, references on wiki pages, 2008.07.15).

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